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Open Pedagogy is an evolving practice, but can be briefly characterized as “the practice of engaging with students as creators of information rather than simply consumers of it. It’s a form of experiential learning in which students demonstrate understanding through the act of creation” (Introduction to Open Pedagogy, UTA Libraries, https://libguides.uta.edu/openped).

The KCC Open Pedagogy Fellowship serves as a teaching and learning development opportunity for Kingsborough faculty and students. The goal of the fellowship is to introduce faculty and students to the worlds of open education and open pedagogy, and to encourage faculty and students to employ these practices in their educational work.

The fellowship is conducted twice per academic year, once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester. Each semester’s cohort consists of four faculty fellows and two student fellows. During the fellowship, faculty fellows will create and openly license a set of open pedagogy assignments, resources or teaching tools, as well as share their share their work in CUNY Academic Works or in OpenEd CUNY.  Two Open Pedagogy students will also participate in all meetings to ensure student perspectives are a central part of discussions. Each student will be paired with two faculty members to provide advice and feedback on their open pedagogy projects. Both student and faculty fellows will be responsible for blogging their experience and process in the fellowship blog on this site. We encourage faculty to explore this site further for further details on the kind of work that the fellowship entails.

The Spring 2022 meetings are tentatively scheduled as follows:

  • Friday, April 1st (Orientation & Introduction to Open Education)
  • Friday, April 29th (Open Educational Tools and Platforms)
  • Friday, May 27th (Publishing Your Work and Creative Commons Licensing)

Faculty fellows will also be encouraged to attend one of the Open and Digital Pedagogy Wednesday Workshops sponsored by The Graduate Center’s Teaching & Learning Center.

Throughout each semester, the OPF cohort will meet three times to discuss readings on open pedagogy and critical digital pedagogy, as well as to examine and explore existing open education tools and platforms.  Meetings will also include time for fellows to receive feedback on their open pedagogy projects, discuss their progress, and plan for their piloting in the following semester. 

Participation is open to all instructors at the college, and fellows will receive a stipend upon completion of the fellowship and the deposit of their open education projects into either the CUNY Academic Works OER Repository or OpenEd CUNY.  

If you have questions regarding the fellowship, please contact Kingsborough’s Faculty Coordinator of Open Education, Professor Ryan McKinney, at ryan.mckinney@kbcc.cuny.edu.   

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